Sugrbean's Shack Sign Language Page
accident--- ( both curved hands facing in, knuckles touch into "S's" )

after--- ( rt hand moves from left back hand )

again--- ( rt bent fingers go into palm of left hand facing right )

alarm--- ( side of pt finger strikes left palm quickly )

allow--- ( both palms facing in, flip up towards body )

alright--- ( left palm up, and right straight hand arc down the middle )

although--- ( both curved hands facing up, fingers brush back and forth )

always--- ( pt finger moves in a circle, palm out )

am--- ( "A" straight out from mouth )

america--- ( fingers interlocked, and make circle left to right )

among--- ( weave pt finger between fingers )

an--- ( fingerspell )

and--- ( all fingers of right hand facing left, then bring fingers together )

angry--- ( open rt hand at face, turns into claw and make expression )

animal--- ( both bent hands on chest, fingers pointing in, roll inward )

another--- ( "A" pivots to the right )

ant--- ( thumb of "3" at nose, and bend fingers )

any--- ( rt "A" hand facing left, pivots so its facing down )

anybody--- ( rt "A" hand facing left, pivots so its facing down then pt finger goes up )

anyhow--- ( both curved hands facing up, fingers brush back and forth )

anyone--- ( rt "A" hand facing lt, pivots so its facing down then pt finger goes up )

anything--- ( rt "A" facing lt, pivots and faces down, then move open flat hand to rt )

anyway--- ( both curved hands facing up, fingers brush back and forth )

apples--- ( "A" on dimple and twists )

are--- ( "R" straight out from mouth )

around--- ( left "and" hand facing up, rt hand makes counter circle )

at--- ( "and" hand at back of left hand )

ask--- ( both flat hands together front of body, then move towards body )

auditorium--- ( "S" moves across top of left hand facing out ) hand palm down)

aunt--- ( "A" shakes at chin )

baby--- ( natural sign )

bacon--- ( both "H's" open and close and wiggle from chest )

bad--- ( fingertips of rt hand against lips, turns and smacks left palm up )

bananas--- ( peel index finger )

bank--- ( rt and hand into lt "C" hand twice )

basement--- ( circle rt "A" thumb under left palm )

bath--- ( both "A"'s rub chest )

bathroom--- ( "T" shakes )

be--- ( "B" straight out from mouth )

bear--- ( scratch near shoulders with both "5" hands crossed )

because --- ( pt finger touches forehead and bring upward to an "A" )

bed--- ( rt palm on side of face, tilt head like sleeping )

bee--- ( "F" touches cheek, then slaps it )

been--- ( "B" straight out from mouth and ends in "N" )

before (time)--- ( both hands facing body, right closest to body, moves to meet left )

believe--- ( pt finger touches forehead and clasp hands )

below--- ( left palm down, right hand palm down counter circles under it )

beneath--- ( left palm down, right hand palm down counter circles under it )

best--- ( fingertips touch lips and come out to "A" by forehead )

better--- ( fingertips touch lips and come out to "A" by cheek )

beyond--- ( both palms facing body and rt over left and moves forward )

between --- ( little finger of rt hand rests on "meat" part of left palm facing right )

Bible--- ( middle fingers touch oppostie palms and hands open to book )

bird--- ( pt and thumb open and close at lips quickly )

birth--- ( lt palm facing up, rt fingers on stomach, come up and land on lt palm )

birthday--- ( same as above, then both "D's" and right lands on left elbow )

black--- ( pt finger traces eyebrow )

blanket--- ( "and" hands pull up to chest )

bless--- ( both "A" hands at lips and move forward and face down )

blind--- ( "V" curves at eyes and lowers slightly, close eyes )

blue--- ( "B" shakes in front of body )

boil--- ( wiggle right fingers under left downturned palm)

bologna--- ( both "S" hands pull apart palms down, while squeezing several times )

book--- ( natural sign)

boring--- ( pt finger twists at side of nose )

boy--- ( grasp bill of ballcap )

bread--- ( rt hand "slices" back of left hand facing towards body )

break--- ( both "S" hands break apart )

breakfast--- ( sign for morning, and then sign for eat)

breath--- ( both open palms facing in, left above right, move in and out of chest )

breathe--- ( both open palms facing in, left above right, move in and out of chest )

brother--- ( grab bill of cap, then pt fingers come together and touch )

brown--- ( draw a "B" down the right cheek )

bug--- ( thumb of "3" at nose, and bend finger )

bull--- ( thumbs of both "Y" hands facing each other at forehead twist back )

bunny--- ( wrists crossed facing chest , curl and uncurl the "U" hands )

but--- ( index fingers are crossed and drawn apart )

butter--- ( "H" scoops left palm twice, like a pat of butter )

butterfly--- ( wrists crossed, facing body thumbs crossed, fingers wiggle or bend )

cabbage--- ( tap rt temple with palm of rt hand )

cake--- ( middle finger of "K" touches cheek twice )

camera--- ( natural sign, like taking a picture )

camp--- ( thumb and pinky touches and pulls apart )

can--- ( both "C" hands facing out, drop so they face down )

candle--- ( rt hand facing lt, "5" hand, lt pt finger on under wrist fingers wiggle )

candy--- ( pt finger traces lips left to right )

can't--- ( rt pt finger slaps lt pt finger, palms facing down )

car--- ( act like driving )

cat--- ( "F's" draw out from sides of mouth )

ceiling--- ( both "B" hands above head and move out right smoothly )

center--- ( rt curved hand circles and lands in middle of left palm )

cents--- ( trace coins in left upturned palm )

chair--- ( "H" rests on "H" with fingers bent over )

cheese--- ( palms twist twice )

chicken--- ( "G" hand opens and shuts quickly at mouth )

children--- ( act like you are patting heads of children )

chili ( fingerspell ) chocolate--- ( thumb of right "C" circles top of left hand, facing down )

Christmas--- ( rt "C" makes arc facing out )

church--- ( tap "C" on back of left hand )

cigarettes--- ( "Y" on left index )

city--- ( show roofs )

clean--- ( rt open fingers moves across left upturned palm )

clever--- ( middle finger touches middle of forehead and flips out )

clock--- ( pt to wrist, then show large clock )

close--- ( both palms facing down, fingers together, move together )

clouds--- ( claw hands circle in air )

coins--- ( rt finger traces circles on left palm )

coffee--- ( rt "S" hand rotates in air over left "S" hand clockwise )

cold *sick*--- ( "G" fingers pulls our from nose twice, like wiping your nose )

cold--- ( both "S's" shiver in front of body )

come--- ( both pt fingers, palms facing up, swing toward body )

cook--- ( rt palm down, flips over and back on same palm )

cookie--- ( rt "C" hand face down raises, pivots and lands back on palm )

corn--- ( both "A" side of chin, wrists bend outward )

cough--- ( natural sign )

cow--- ( thbs of both "Y" hands at temples facing out, bend wrist outward )

crackers--- ( elbow goes into palm )

cream--- ( open "C" faces body scrapes over left upturned palm towards body )

cross--- ( draw Cross with "C" hand in air )

cry--- ( trace tears down cheek )

cup--- ( rt "C" facing left sits on upturned left palm )

curtains--- ( both "4" hands by face semi circle out and down by shoulders )

daily--- ( knuckles of "A" brushes on side of cheek )

dance--- ( right "V" hand moves back and forth on upturned left palm )

daughter--- ( "A" finger traces chin, then hold baby )

day--- ( rt "D" hand comes to rest on fold of left "D" hand facing down )

deaf--- ( pt finger touches ear and then both palms facing down meet)

deer--- ( both "5" hands face each other on temples )

delicious--- ( kiss all tips and fingers and spread in air )

dentist --- ( "D" at teeth )

dessert --- ( tap both "D" hands together with the middle fingers )

dinner--- ( "D" at mouth )

dirty--- ( wiggle "5" hand facing down, under chin )

dishes--- ( strike front tooth with right fingernail )

divorce--- ( both clasped hands pull apart and face down )

dizzy--- ( "claw" hand semi circles in front of forehead )

do--- ( both downward "C" hands move left and right, back and forth )

doctor--- ( "D" takes pulse underside of wrist )

dog--- ( tap side of leg, natural sign )

dollar--- ( rt fingers grasp tip of left open palm and pull away )

donkey--- ( both "B" hands flap at temple )

don't--- ( both open hands crossed at wrists move outward )

door--- ( "B's" touch facing out and rt swings back & forth )

doorbell--- ( thumb goes into left palm, facing up )

down--- ( point down )

drapes--- ( "4" fingers at face come down and end with palms down )

drawer--- ( upturned "S" hands pull toward you twice )

dream--- ( pt finger touches forehead, and draw away making wigglies outward )

drink--- ( natural sign )

dry--- ( "X" across chin, left to right )

dryer--- ( "X" across chin, left to right then clockwise circle facing out )

duck--- ( "G" fingers at mouth move up and down quickly )

dumb--- ( "A" or "S" hand hits forehead )

each--- ( "A" traces back of other "A" finger )

east--- ( "E" moves east )

Easter--- ( rt "E" makes an arc out )

egg--- ( both "U's" on top of each other, and break apart )

electric--- ( both "X" knuckles tap many times palms facing body )

elephant--- ( bent hand at nose, moves down and out )

elevator--- ( "E" moves up and down )

envy--- ( bite finger and move side to side )

everyday--- ( fingers of "A" hand traces back of other "A" hand )

fall--- ( rt "V" on open upward left palm, falls over on palm )

fall *season*--- ( lt arm upward, to the rightt, and rt pt finger of palm brushes forearm )

family--- ( both "F's"touch, and circle out and come together and touch again )

farm--- ( thumb of open "5" hand slices throat )

farmer--- ( thumb of open "5" hand slices throat and add "body" )

father--- ( open "5" hand on forehead )

filthy--- ( wiggle "5" hand facing down, under chin )

fine--- ( thumb of open "5" on chest moves up and down slightly )

fingerspell--- ( act like typing )

fire--- ( fingers wiggle while going up )

fish--- ( left fingertips at wrist, right hand wiggles out )

flag--- ( right elbow on left upturned hand, and rt hand sways back and forth )

flirt--- ( end of both thumbs touch, facing out, and wiggle )

floor--- ( both open hands touching, pull apart )

flower--- ( "and" hand under each nostril )

for--- ( tip of pt finger on forhead moves so it faces outward )

forever--- ( rt pt draws circle in air, and then "Y" hand moves outward )

forget--- ( wipe open hand across forehead and end in the "A" hand off of head )

fork--- ( right "V" on upturned left palm )

fox--- ( right "F" twists over nose )

french fries--- ( "F" and "F" in air )

Friday--- ( "F" makes small clockwise circle )

friend--- ( bend both pointer fingers around each other )

frog--- ( "U" flips out from under chin several times )

from--- ( rt "X" moves from left pt )

fruit--- ( "F" twists at mouth )

frustrated--- ( back of right hand comes towards the face sharply )

fry--- ( back of rt hand on upward lt hand and it flips over, ends palm to palm)

furniture--- ( "F" hand shakes back and forth in front of chest)

gasoline--- ( rt thumb into left "O" hand )

giraffe--- ( right "C" on left "C" at neck, come up like umbrella past face )

girl--- ( "A" traces jawline )

glass--- ( lt upturned palm, and right "C" moves upward from it )

glasses *eyes*--- ( draw pointer finger and thumb together and back at side of face )

go--- ( both downturned pointer fingers flip out from body, to upturned )

goat--- ( "S" at chin, changes to "V" at forehead all facing left )

gold--- ( "G" shakes off of side of neck )

good--- ( open hand at lips pull out and land on upturned left palm )

grandma--- ( open "5" hand on fchin and hand arcs out once )

grandpa--- ( open "5" hand on forehead and hand arcs out once )

gravy--- ( thumb and pointer fingers pulls down from uderneath of left hand )

gray--- ( both open hands at chest, flip back and forth on each other )

greasy--- ( thumb and pointer fingers pulls down from uderneath of left hand )

great--- ( both hands palms up, face toward heaven and pushes up )

green--- ( "G" shakes )

guilty--- ( side of "G" hand against heart, and open and closes several times )

gum--- ( bent "V" scratches cheek )

grow-- ( right "and" hand comes up thru left "C" ends with palm facing right )

had--- ( both "D" hands touch chest)

halloween--- ( both "H's" cross each other in front of face )

hamburger--- ( clasp hands right on top, then left on top )

hankie-- ( "G" fingers pulls our from nose twice )

happen--- ( pts facing ya, flip outward )

happy--- ( both flat hands facing chest, make circles toward body )

hare--- ( wrists crossed facing chest , curl and uncurl the "U" hands )

has--- ( both "S" hands touch chest )

hate--- ( flip middle finger out )

have--- ( both "V" hands touch chest )

heart--- ( trace heart with middle fingers )

help--- ( left palm facing up, right "S" sits on palm and moves up )

here--- ( both palms face up and make circles, while stayingin place )

hit--- ( left pointer pointing upward finger facing left, right "S" hits it )

holiday--- ( thumbs at armpits, fingers wiggle ) home--- ( eat, sleep )

horse--- ( "H" at side of head pointing out, flip up and down )

hospital--- ( "H" or "P" draws Cross on sleeve )

hotdog--- ( "G" fingers face each other and touch, pull apart while open and close )

hour--- ( lt palm facing rt, rt pt finger thumb near lt hand, rotates and lands )

house--- ( fingertips together, show rooftop )

how--- ( knuckles touching facing in, flip out so palms are upward )

hungry--- ( "C" traces down from throat to mid chest )

hurry--- ( move right "H" forward with an up and down movement )

hurt ( both pt finger jab each other, palms facing in )

husband--- ( grab ballcap and clasp hands )

I--- ( "I" on chest)

ice cream--- ( like licking ice cream )

if--- ( both "F" hands face each other, go up and down opposite each other )

in--- ( "and" goes into lt C hand )

insect--- ( thumb of "3" at nose, and bend finger )

is--- ( "I" striaght out from lips )

it--- ( "I" semi circles and lands in left palm facing left )

jam--- ( draw a J on palm of left hand, facing right )

jelly--- ( draw a J on palm of left hand, facing right )

Jesus--- ( both middle fingers touch palm of opposite hands while facing each other )

juice--- ( make the letter "J" twice at shoulder level )

kangaroo--- ( both bent hands at chest facing out, hop outward several times )

key--- ( right "X" finger turns on left palm facing right )

kids--- ( pinky finger and pt fingers out, pt fingers rubs under nose )

king--- ( right "K" touches left shoulder, moves to right waist )

kiss--- ( kiss fingertips of "and" hand, then place on cheek )

kitchen--- ( lt palm up, rt hand makes a "K" and turns over and lands on palm)

knife--- ( middle finger of rt "H" hand slices left pt finger several times )

know--- ( fingertips tap side of forehead )

lamb--- ( back of rt "V" moves up lt upward forearm then brings hands together )

language--- ( both "L's" face each other and shake apart and out )

lazy--- ( right "L" strikes left shoulder, palm faces toward body )

learn--- ( bring "and" hands from chest to head )

let--- ( both palms facing in, thrust upward toward body )

letter--- ( thumb touches lips, then presses on left thumbnail )

lettuce--- ( tap rt temple with palm of rt hand )

lie--- ( rt pt finger palm facing down pass across lips, left to right )

light--- ( "and" hands touch and move up while opening )

like--- ( pt and middle finger pull out from heart )

lion--- ( "claw" hand on forehead moves back over head )

long--- ( right pointer finger of the "L" hand moves up left upturned arm )

love--- ( cross "S" hands over chest )

lunch-- ( "L" at mouth )

mad--- ( open rt hand at face, turns into claw and make expression )

mail--- ( rt thumb to mouth, then it presses on left thumb )

make--- ( both "S's" right on left, twist back and forth )

man--- ( grab ballcap and raise hand in air )

married--- ( clasp hands )

me--- ( point to self)

meat--- ( grab piece of skin between thumb and pt finger )

medicine--- ( rub right middle finger in palm of left palm facing up )

middle--- ( lt palm facing up, right "M" circles and lands in the middle of it )

milk--- ( milk cow )

minute--- ( left palm facing left, rt pt finger, moves slowly a notch at a time )

mirror--- ( hand moves by face )

Monday--- ( "M" moves in small clockwise circles )

money--- ( "and" hand facing up, hits left palm twice, facing up )

monkey--- ( scratch ribs with both hands while curling the "5" hands )

month--- ( lt pt finger faces rt, rt pt finger movs down it on the inside )

morning--- ( left hand on crease of rt arm, and rt arm raises moves up )

mosquito--- ( "F" on back of left hand, then slap it )

mother--- ( open "5" hand on chin)

mouse--- ( brush pt finger twice across the nose with hand facing left )

movies--- ( open palms move across each other )

my-- ( flat hand on chest, palm facing in )

name--- ( "U"'s cross each other )

napkin--- ( wipe lips with fingertips )

near--- ( both palms facing body, right near chest, moves toward left palm )

need--- ( "X" finger pulls down in air )

negative--- ( left palm faces right, rt pt lays on it )

nephew--- ( "N" circles at forehead )

never--- ( rt hand facing left, makes semi circle and goes straight down )

newspaper--- ( "20" on left palm many times at lips )

next--- ( rt hand behind left, right moves to front )

niece--- ( "N" circles at chin )

night--- ( rt hand bends over left flat hand )

noon--- ( rt hand in crease of left arm, rt arm is straight up )

north--- ( "N" moves up )

not--- ( "A" comes out from under chin )

notice--- ( point to eye and then point to open left palm facing right )

now--- ( bent hands, palms facing in, come straight down )

nurse--- ( "N" takes pulse )

nut--- ( "A" comes out from under front teeth )

of--- ( fingerspell )

off--- ( hand moves off of other )

office--- ( "O" makes room )

often--- ( rt bent fingers go into palm of lt hand facing rt repeat several times )

ok--- ( fingerspell )

old--- ( "S" shakes outward from chin )

on--- ( open hand lays on other )

onion--- ( rt knuckle twists at side of eye twice )

only--- ( pt finger facing out, flips toward body )

open--- ( both palms facing down, fingers together, moves apart )

orange--- ( "C" hand goes into "S" hand in front of face )

other--- ( "A" pivots to the right )

our--- ( open palm starts at right shoulder and curves around to left shoulder )

out--- ( rt "C" goes into left "C" and then comes back out again )

oven--- ( upturned "B" hand moves forward and upward slightly )

over--- ( rt hand arcs up and over left )

parents--- ( middle finger of "P" touches forehead and chin )

party--- ( both "P's" move right to left in front of body )

peas--- ( left pt facing right, right pt skips on pt finger )

people--- ( both "P" hands circle alternate toward each other )

pepper--- ( trace eyebrows and "C" shakes downward )

picture--- ( "C " touches chin then left open palm facing right )

pie--- ( rt pinky slices a piece of pie from left palm )

pill--- ( "G" hand moves towards mouth and opens as it reaches lips )

pineapple--- ( left "B" faces right, rt fingers slice )

pink--- ( middle finger of "P" hand goes down lips )

pizza--- ( both "P" fingers draw a "Z" in the air )

place--- ( middle fingers of both "P" makes a circle towards body )

plate--- ( middle and thumb of both hands show plate )

play--- ( both "Y's" face body and shake )

please--- ( "S" hand circles heart )

poison--- ( wrists crossed and both bent "X's" lay on chest )

policeman--- ( "C" on heart and add body )

pop--- ( "F" goes into left "S" and then seals it with the palm )

popcorn ( pt fingers flip up many times, palms facing in )

positive--- ( make a Cross with pointer fingers )

prince--- ( right "P" touches left shoulder, moves to right waist )

princess--- ( rt "P" touches lt shoulder, moves to right waist, trace chin for girl )

proud--- ( "A" moves up body )

purple--- ( "P" shakes )

queen--- ( right "Q" touches left shoulder, moves to right waist )

rabbit--- ( wrists crossed facing chest , curl and uncurl the "U" hands )

radio--- ( "R" shakes out from ear )

rain--- ( water + open claws come down from the air )

rat--- ( "R" bruses over nose twice with hand facing left )

read--- ( left palm facing up, right "V" moves down it, as if reading )

red--- ( pt finger does down lips )

refrigerator--- ( both "R"'s shake in front of body )

regardless--- ( both curved hands facing up, fingers brush back and forth )

relax--- ( lay open palms on chest, wrists crossed, like you are laying dead )

remember--- ( right thumb touches forehead, and comes to touch left thumbnail )

request--- ( both flat hands together front of body, then move towards body )

rest--- ( lay open palms on chest, wrists crossed, like you are laying dead )

restaurant--- ( "R" touches right side of chin, then left side )

roof--- ( all fingertips touching at angle over head, pull down and apart )

room--- ( show 4 sides w/wo "R's" )

sad--- ( trace frown )

salad--- ( both "V"'s toss towards each other )

salt--- ( right "V" taps top of left "V" twice )

sandwich--- ( both palms facing body turn upward toward mouth )

Saturday--- ( "S" hand makes small clockwise circles )

sausage --- ( both "S" hands facing down squeeze apart )

say--- ( pt finger makes smalls circles at mouth )

school--- ( clap twice )

second *time*--- ( left palm facing right, right index pivots on the palm )

see--- ( right "V" comes out from eyes )

sew--- ( "F" sews on palm )

sheep--- ( lt arm out facing up, back of rt "V" moves quickly up it several times )

short *brief time*--- ( rub middle finger of rt "H" hand back and forth on lt pointer of "H" )

short *height*--- ( hand facing down lowers )

shot--- ( natural sign )

shower--- ( "S" opens on head twice )

sick--- ( both middle fingers, one at forehead, other at stomach, come out )

sign--- ( both pt fingers, facing each other, rotate in towards body )

silver--- ( "S" shakes off of side of neck )

sing--- ( rt open hand facing left sways back and forth by extended left arm )

sister--- ( "A" traces chin and then both pointers come together, side by side )

sit--- ( "H" rests on "H" with fingers bent over )

skunk--- ( "K" from eyebrows over top of head )

sleep--- ( open "and" hand closes to "A" in front of face )

smile--- ( trace smile )

smoke--- ( natural sign )

snake--- ( right "G" under left palm circles outward )

snow--- ( white and claws come down )

soap--- ( rt tips on left palm several times )

soiled--- ( wiggle "5" hand facing down, under chin )

son--- ( grab "bill" of ballcap and then hold baby )

sorry--- ( "S" rubs over heart )

sound--- ( pt finger touches ear and make a "S" and vibrates outward )

soup--- ( "H" eats at mouth and left cupped hand )

south--- ( "S" moves down )

spaghetti--- ( pinkies touch and wiggle apart )

spider--- ( wrists crossed and claw hands, fingers wiggle )

spoiled--- ( wiggle "5" hand facing down, under chin )

spoon--- ( tip of right "H" against left upward palm and lift several times )

spring--- ( "and" thru fingers and opens to a "C" facing right )

squirrel--- ( right bent "V" hand at side of nose comes to tap other bent "V" twice )

stars--- ( both pt fingers touch and rub against each other as they move upward )

start--- ( right pointer goes into left "V" that’s facing right )

stay--- ( touch right thumb on left thumb and move down slightly )

stop--- ( left palm facing up, right palm facing left, right palm in left palm )

store--- ( "and" hands pointing down and flip up & out )

stupid--- ( "A" or "S" hand hits forehead )

sugar--- ( move fingertips of right hand on chin up and down )

summer--- ( pt finger rubs across forehead and ends in "X" )

Sunday--- ( open palms facing out palms move in opposite circular motions )

sweet--- ( move fingertips of right hand on chin up and down )

sweetheart--- ( both "A's" palms facing body but touching, thumbs wiggle )

taco--- ( left upward curved hand, and right flat hand sits in left hand )

talk--- ( pt fingers of "D" hands back and forth at mouth )

tall--- ( left palm facing right, right index moves up the palm )

tan--- ( draw a "T" down the right cheek )

tea-- ( "F" stirs into left "O" hand)

teach--- ( grab bill of cap on both sides at the same time )

telephone--- ( natural sign )

tell--- ( pt finger makes smalls circles at mouth )

temperature--- ( lt pointer facing up, palm rt, and rt pt moves up and down the pt finger )

thank you--- ( open hand at mouth moves straight out )

the--- ( "T" hand palm facing in, flips so the palm is facing out )

thermometer--- ( lt pointer facing up, palm rt, and rt pt moves up and down the pt finger )

they--- ( point towards object and move hand towards right slightly )

thief--- ( both "N's" stroke across upper lip to each side )

think--- ( pt finger touches forehead and draws small circle )

thirsty--- ( pointer finger traces throat )

this--- ( rt pt finger goes on left upward palm )

thunder--- ( point to ear, and jerk fists back and forth at chest )

Thursday--- ( "H" makes small clockwise circles )

tiger--- ( flat hands against mouth, then pull apart into "claw" hands )

time *once upon*--- ( lt palm faces right, right "T" circles over it and lands back in middle )

time *watch*--- ( point to watch )

tissue--- ( "G" fingers pulls our from nose twice )

to--- ( "pt fingers touch, facing each other )

toast--- ( rt "V" stabs palm and backside of left palm facing right )

together--- ( knuckles of both "A" hands touch and semi circle right to left )

toilet--- ( "T" shakes )

tomorrow--- ( thumb of right "A" brushes cheek then semi cirlces outward )

tonight--- ( both bend hands come straight down, then rt over lt palm facing down )

toothbrush--- ( rt pointer finger moves up and down in front of teeth )

town--- ( touch fingertips together and open several times )

tree--- ( right arm up and elbow in left palm, right "5" fingers shake )

Tuesday--- ( right "T" makes small clockwise circle )

turkey--- ( "Q" shakes back & forth under chin )

tv--- ( fingerspell )

umbrella--- ( right "S" on top of left "S" and right moves up )

uncle--- ( "U" circles at forehead )

under--- ( left palm down, right hand palm down counter circles under it )

understand--- ( pt finger flips up by forehead )

up--- ( point up )

upset *stomach*--- ( palm on stomach and it flips over to palm up )

us--- ( "U" touches rigth shoulder, circles around to touch left shoulder )

use--- ( "U" makes small clockwise circles )

vacation--- ( both thumbs at armpits, fingers wiggle )

vanilla--- ( shake "V" in front of body )

very--- ( both "V's touch, and move up and apart )

vomit--- ( both open hands at mouth, facing each other, arc out from mouth )

wait--- ( both arms and palms up and out, lt ahead of rt and fingers wiggle )

walk--- ( both hands face down, move forward opposite each other )

want--- ( upturned "claw" hands palms facing up, draw in towards body )

warn--- ( tap back of left hand with fingers of right hand )

warning--- ( tap back of left hand with fingers of right hand )

was--- ( "W" from mouth, ends in "S" straight out )

wash--- ( "a" rub each other circular )

water--- ( "W" at lips moves forward and backwards )

watermelon--- ( flick right pt finger on back of left hand )

we--- ( "W" starts at shoulder, circles and lands on other shoulder )

Wednesday--- ( "W" makes small clockwise circle )

week--- ( fingers of right "D" hand is rubbed across left open palm )

were--- ( "W" from mouth, ends in "R", straight out )

west--- ( "W" moves west )

wet--- ( water + open hands close to and hands )

what--- ( rt pt fingers run across left open 4 fingers, facing right )

when--- ( rt pt finger circles over left pt finger and lands on the side of it )

where--- ( rt pt finger shakes back and forth )

which--- ( both "A" hands palms facing in, moves up and down opposite )

whisper--- ( natural sign )

white--- ( "and" hand out from chest )

who--- ( pt finger circles mouth )

why--- ( fingertips touch forehead and pull out ending in a "Y" )

wife--- ( "5" on chin, then clasp hands )

window--- ( left hand on top of right hand, palms facing in, left moves up )

winter--- ( both "S" hands shake in front of body, act cold and shake )

woman--- ( "5" on chin, then show height )

wonderful--- ( both hands palms up, face toward heaven and pushes up )

won't--- ( right "S" goes over shoulder forcefully, and turn head to left )

words--- ( lt pt facing right, right "G" hand touches it )

work--- ( bottom of right wrist hits top of left wrist twice )

world--- ( "W" hand circles other "W" hand )

worm--- ( rt pt finger wiggles up and down lt palm facing up )

worried--- ( palms facing each other, hands tilted, rotate in front of head )

write--- ( act like you are writing on left palm )

year--- ( lt "S" faces body, right "S" circles it once, lands in same position )

yellow--- ( "Y" shakes )

yesterday--- ( thumb of "Y" at mouth, and pinky goes back )

you--- ( point out to person )

young--- ( fingertips of both hands on chest and rub up quickly )

your--- ( open palm facing out to person )